There are many options for volunteering with Seattle Mini Maker Faire. Volunteer duties include street teaming, set-up assistance, wayfinding, pass checking, managing giveaways, ushering, information table operation, and more! Volunteers receive a Mini Maker Faire t-shirt!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email volunteers@MoPOP.org.

13 responses to “Volunteer

  1. I would love to volunteer as a photographer. I have worked for Seattle International Film Festival, Emerald City Comicon, Solstice Parade, etc. and would love to help. Let me know.

  2. I am interested in helping out on all this ballyhoo. I have in the past been a Volunteer Coordinator for the Seattle International Film Festival as well as (in the more distant past) been the Program Director and Media/Film Director at Rustycon.


    • Hi Howard –
      We’re definitly in need of volunteers with leadership experience! We already have a Volunteer Coordinator, however I’m sure she could use some help. We are also in need of a Logistics/Ops Lead, a PR/Marketing Lead, an Info Desk Lead, and other volunteer roles. Take a look at the volunteer form on this page and let us know how you would like to contribute and how much time you can commit. Thank you! -Christin

  3. I am interested in helping out as I can. I have run another event for the Scouts where we had 200 participants and about 50 volunteers called camporee. I also am a photographer and videographer.

    • Hi Nathan – Thanks for offering to help! If you get a chance, could you fill out the volunteer form so we can keep track of all of our generous volunteers, your area(s) of intrest, and your contact information. Thanks!

  4. Really looking forward to this event!

  5. This will be very interesting.

  6. darthbradford@gmail.com

    What’s the date of the volunteer meeting?

  7. OK C- I am in. DiverDave standing by.

  8. I don’t see any other information on the Learn to Solder thing. I was a Miniature/Microminiature repair technician in the Navy, a fully qualified “Super-Tech” as they called it (NECs 1591, 9527, and 9526) and I’d love to help proctor that.

  9. Is it too early to volunteer / apply as a Maker for the 2015 Mini Maker Faire (presumably to be held in Seattle sometime in March 2015..?? I have an exhibit that I think will fetch a huge interest…

    thx, Andy email: amh146@hotmail.com

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