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PHASE 1: CALL FOR MAKERS (March 15 – June 20, 2016 Application Deadline)

In order to assist the Seattle Mini Maker Faire Outreach Committee spread the word about the Call for Makers and the event, we have created a toolkit of suggested emails and posts for you.

The first phase is to get more makers and organizations involved, and increase the number of applications to Seattle Mini Maker Faire. How you can help:

  • Forward along our electronic Call for Makers. (We will send this to you soon.)
  • Post some posters and hand out flyers in your community.
  • Suggest projects to us and make an email intro with the Seattle Mini Maker Faire team.
  • Post info, tag us, and share our posts on social media.
  • Personally invite organizations, potential sponsors, and individuals to apply.

Suggested Talking Points:

A guide for some suggested talking points to use in email + Twitter and Facebook posts is listed below. Please “like” us and “follow” us so you can share posts. Note: we’re flexible on the language; this is just something to get you started. Feel free to also post photos of projects that you are excited about and tag us!

Please include the hashtag in your posts and try to include a link to our website for more info.

Link to include in posts:

Hashtag(s) to include in posts:

  • #EMPMakerFaire
  • #MakerFaireSea

Twitter handles (Follow us!):

  • @MakerFaireSea
  • @EMPmuseum

Facebook Pages (Like us and share posts!):


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