Robiis: Robot Games for Girls and Boys

Sunday, September 18 / 12:35pm–12:50pm / JBL Theater

Presenters: Adriana Moscatelli (Founder, Play Works Studio)

Learn more about Robiis, a mobile app that teaches kids to program robots while solving puzzles and challenges!

About the Presenters

adriana_moscatelliAdriana Moscatelli is Play Works Studio’s Founder. She’s been at the forefront of human-computer interaction technology development since the late ’90s, designing mobile operating systems such as Nokia’s Series 60, which predated Apple’s iOS. Her experience spans software, hardware, and gaming; in 2008, she led the UI redesign of Magic: The Gathering online, the first digital object trading card game. She is the recipient of awards from the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education.