Introduction to Multirotors

Introduction to Multirotors (a.k.a Drones)

Sunday, September 18 / 2:15pm–2:45pm / The Imaginarium

Presenter: Seattle Multirotors

Learn more about, see, and touch multirotors (also known as drones) of many different sizes! Check out multirotors ranging from small quadcopters you can fly inside on a rainy day, to carbon fiber-bodied racing style miniquads and larger multirotors designed for photography.

About the Presenters

Seattle Multirotors is an informal group of Seattle-area multirotor hobbyists advocating for fun, responsible flying. They regularly meet up to fly together and share adventures through the Facebook group. Members make up other local organizations focusing on more specific geographic areas and types of flying including DieHardRC Drone racing in Snohomish, Team ECKO racing on the Eastside, and FPVRacingSeattle racing in Duvall.