Instruments of Imagination

Instruments of Imagination

Saturday, September 17 / 2:15pm–3:30pm / The Imaginarium

Sunday, September 18 / 3:00pm–3:30pm / The Imaginarium

Presenter: Scotland Symons

A 15-minute presentation followed by hands-on discussions about the technique of building fun and creative stringed instruments. Scotland Symons became interested in stringed instruments and began building and understanding them. It slowly became an obsession and after building many different types and styles she is now working on building unconventional instruments.

About the Presenter

Scotland Symons is an artist, photographer, and traveler. In her work she takes the abstract of the world and tries to distill it down to something different. She’s a keyboard cowgirl by day and an artist by night, focusing on finding the most vulnerable parts of herself and turning it into something she can visualize through her art.