Biohacking with Dangerous Things

Biohacking with Dangerous Things

Saturday, September 17 / 2:30pm–3:00pm / JBL Theater

Presenter: Amal Gaafstra (Founder, Dangerous Things)

Wearable technology! Dangerous Things will be showing off implantable transponders by using them with various demonstrations such as logging into computers, unlocking doors, activating latches, etc. (All controlled by a radio frequency identification device implanted in your body!)

About the Presenter

Amal Gaafstra is a pioneer of the DIY RFID implantation movement. Amal has been helping hobbyists and biohackers explore RFID technology since implanting his first tag in 2005. Since then, he has authored the book RFID Toys, and spoken at various venues including hacker clubs, TEDx, and a number of universities. He has also co-authored a peer reviewed research paper on the subject of DIY RFID implantee subculture for the ISTAS 2010 symposium on technology and society.