Dale Dougherty, Founder and Executive Director of Maker Media, Inc. on the Power of the Maker Movement

Maker Faire weekend is finally here! As we head into this two-day celebration of inspiring inventions and DIY projects emerging from our region, a few reminders on what to bring:

  • Your tickets, printed for expedited entry
  • The right outdoor gear, as a lot of the event is outside
  • Friends! They can still get tickets or pre-purchase day-of tickets before the event
  • For those especially prepared: a must-see list of makers and presentations to visit (see our full line-up to get started, or wait to grab a printed program at the event or access our mobile guide at guide.empmuseum.org [passcode will be in your program]).

We’ll leave you with some final words from Dale Dougherty, Founder and Executive Director of Maker Media, Inc., on what the maker movement is all about from his presentation at last year’s Maker Faire:

“When you make something, it says something about you—who you are and what you’ve done.

It’s a lot like an art fair, a craft fair, a county fair. A context where people can bring their work, put it in front of you, and then talk to you about it. It’s actually seeing their eyes, seeing their passions, seeing what it means to people to do these things.

The whole idea behind DIY learning is that once you do these things, you stop telling yourself you can’t do them anymore. And yet when we make something, we learn how to do something… we solve a problem. We’re creating a connection to other people.

It’s all about the future. We need to find ways to engage young people in science and technology and the maker movement does just that.”

See you tomorrow! Doors open at 10:00am.

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