Music-Inspired Innovation: Instruments of Imagination & More!

The history of music and music-making technology has always been intertwined: new and innovative ideas and technologies have consistently provided musicians with inspiration. Show composer a new musical tool, and you can bet they’re going to put it to use.

Don’t miss these innovative music-focused projects at Seattle Mini Maker Faire—they might just be changing how we make, listen to, or interact with music soon!

Music Machines
Music Machines are experiments in music composition and performance, and use a Raspberry Pi single board computer, camera, amplifier, and speaker to turn your physical actions into music.

Instruments of Imagination
This presentation on building fun and creative stringed instruments and will discuss the process, resources, and techniques for building imaginative music-makers.

Phi Sound Lab Digital Drum Circle and LovTag Game
In conjunction with Ableton LINK JAMS, Phi Sound Lab will be hosting a LINK Jam. The digital drum circle will serve as the nucleus for the lovtag game, and participants will be able to collaboratively make music with each other.

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