Call For Volunteers

Seattle Mini Maker Faire is looking for Volunteers.

We need some able bodied people to help with setup and tear down, we need greeters and ushers to help guide people around the museum, and lots more!

If your interested in helping, please click on this link and fill out the form.


3 responses to “Call For Volunteers

  1. Sumbitted a volunteer for my son and I, but haven’t heard anything back so I thought I’d check in. Can you tell me if you got forms for Sandee Mendrysa and Jake Mendrysa?

    • Hi Sandee – We received your application, with a few typos (Sander instead of Sandee). You should have received a confirmation email. We use Mail Chimp to send our mail messages, so your Gmail filter may have filed the message under “Promotions” or some other spam filter. Please check for email from Thanks!

  2. I can help volunteer, and I have filled out the form. However, I have not received a conformation email (and I did check the spam folder). I am happy to help if you need me, but I do need to figure out my schedule for this weekend. Please let me know…

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