See. Make. Break. Share. Repeat

Maker Faire, hailed as the “Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth,” is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness—and a celebration of the maker movement: people not just hungry to talk about the next big thing, but to make it!

Now in its fifth year, Seattle Mini Maker Faire offers tech enthusiasts, crafters, homesteaders, scientists, garage tinkerers, and commercial makers of all ages and backgrounds a platform to share their passion projects with the public—anyone who embraces the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit. The original Maker Faire event was held in San Mateo, CA and in 2015 celebrated its tenth annual show with some 1100 makers and 130,000 people in attendance. Maker Faire is supported by Make: magazine and Maker Media.

See Young Innovators in Action at the Youth Makers Spotlight

Seattle Mini Maker Faire invites young makers-in-training to enter a world of innovation and imagination. If you can dream it, you can build it! These young makers, featured in the upcoming Faire, are proving just what a little creativity can produce when paired with a big idea:

Anantika Mannby is a 12-year-old maker from Mercer Island, WA. Her project, Death Star 2000, is a complex mechanical, electrical, and software design depicting a 3-ft. buckyball virus. Mannby will also be showcasing her other “terrifying” project Blute, a 6’x4’x4’ Theo-Jansen inspired animatronic robot that has an articulated neck, moving head and jaws, eyes that swivel, flash, and blink; and a maw that breathes fire.  For Mannby, Maker Faire is a family affair: her sister Aditi Mannby will also be featured this year, presenting her own Hover Cart project.

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Announcing the 2016 Lineup: 3D Printing Demos, Implantable Tech, and More!

We’re excited to announce our full line-up of exhibiting makers and presenters for Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2016!

It’s the perfect time to start planning your Maker Faire must-see list. Attendees will be invited to interact with everything from electronic instruments, homemade robots, 3D-printed prototypes to crafting activities, woodworking, an upcycled arcade game, and more. Plus, all weekend long performances and maker talks such as our Wearable Artist Spotlight will highlight the art of making in its many forms.

Read more about the exhibiting makers and to discover the many ways people are making in our community!

Special early-bird-pricing tickets now on sale through September 4.

Join the Volunteer Team!

volunteering_maker_faireConnecting guests with the world’s largest solar-powered tricycle, leading a crowd-sourced trivia game, assisting visitors navigate a Frank O. Gehry building, and being part of an awesome team of people that love all things maker—these are just some of the things our Maker Faire volunteers did last year.  Their support throughout the busy weekend helped ensure our operations were seamless and guests got the most out of their Seattle Mini Maker Faire experience.

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Learn How to Solder with Metrix Create:Space

When you’re just getting started learning about the maker movement, local makerspaces are the perfect place to get started on your own projects!

Makerspaces can come in all shapes and sizes, and no two makerspaces are the same—some might feature more traditional supplies like crafting materials and LEGOs, while others might be fully-outfitted with 3D printers, laser cutters, and hand tools.

As long as they’re a place where people can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore, and discover using a variety of materials, they’re a “makerspace.”

We talked to Amber Straub, who’ll be hosting a soldering station with local makerspace Metrix Create:Space, about what she’s looking forward to this year:

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