Exhibitors at Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2014:

All Metal Arts
ArtsThaddeus: Portable Camera Obscura
Autonomous toy train using Arduino
Battletrack: Play-Well TEKnologies
BEAM + Bricks!
Bird Box
Custom Motorized Longboard
DigiPen Institute of Technology
DIY & Make Craft Stick Toys
DIY BioDomes
DIY Supercar
Flying Heritage Collection
Forest Field
Grow Plastics
Hack Your Clothes
HiveBio Community Lab
Ill Gotten Games
King County Library System
Living Computer Museum
Lobo CNC
Logos Electromechanical
Make Magazine
Makelangelo 3 Mural Drawing Robot
Microsoft Garage
Motion Sickness Cinematic Robots
OlyMEGA: Olympia Makers, Engineers, Geeks and Artists
Olympia Circuits
OpenBeam & The Metrix Open Hardware Alliance
Original Pin: Cameras with Character
Pages and Pop-ups
Schlem’s 3D Printed Pinhole Photography
Scroll Wood Shop
Seattle CoderDojo
Seattle ReCreative
Seattle Tool Libraries & Fixers Collectives
Slime Mold: At Home, Around the World
Soldering Station with Jigsaw Renaissance and IEEE
STEM – Near Space Satellites
Strike Models
Suspension of Disbelief
Tabletop Moviemaking
They Shall Walk
wTrak Modular Wooden Railway
xbot robotic workspace

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1:00pm                 FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5953: Learn about an award-winning robot built by middle and high school students.

1:30pm                 Seattle CoderDojo: A free computer programming club for kids.

2:00pm                 Making Big Art: A panel discussion on planning and building large art installations.

2:30pm                 Emmett’s 3D Printing: Discover the art and science of 3D printing.

3:00pm                 DigiPen Institute of Technology: Hear from leaders in game development education.

3:30pm                Short Range Wireless: Joe Decuir, a Distinguished Lecturer in the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society will lead a discussion on three common wireless solutions for makers.

Sunday March 23, 2014

1:00pm                 Make Fun Robots, Rockets, and Rayguns: Experience an action-oriented seminar on sourcing and building fun robots, rockets, and rayguns from recycled technology materials.

2:00pm                 Forest Field: See a demo of a dance performance that links projected graphics to the distance between the performers.

2:30pm                 Grow Plastics: Hear from a local maker developing a process for making biodegradeable plastic cups with a sandwich core structure with the end goal to replace all food packaging plastic with biodegradeables.

3:00pm                 OpenROV: A community of DIY ocean explorers and makers of low-cost, open-source underwater robots will present.

3:30pm                 Makers for Humanitarian Technologies: Joe Decuir, a Distinguished Lecturer in the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, will present.

All photo rights reserved by EspressoBuzz. Click for more pics of Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

Click for more pics of Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

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