July 1st was the application deadline for  Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2015

However, we are still accepting applications from sponsors or presenters.

Maker Information and Application Process

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

The next step for participating in the Seattle Mini Maker Faire is to fill out an application that tells us more about your project. Individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, young makers, as well as groups, such as hobbyist clubs and schools are all encouraged to apply. We particularly encourage exhibits that are interactive and that highlight the process of making things.

Important Dates

  • Entry Opens: October 10, 2014
  • Application Deadline: July 1, 2015


We are thrilled to announce that Seattle Mini Maker Faire is expanding its footprint to include both EMP Museum as well as surrounding Seattle Center locations to make room for more makers.

Types of Maker Exhibitors

  1. Maker Exhibit – An all-weekend exhibit to demo your project(s) (includes commercial makers). Exhibitors can indicate if they would prefer to have a booth and/or host workshops. Apply
  2. Performer/Presenter – A scheduled presentation or performance (10, 20, or 30 minutes in length), or indicate that you’d like to be a roaming presenter.  Apply
  3. Sponsor – For start-ups and established companies that would like to have greater visibility before, during, and after the event and also want to support the local maker community please email for more information on becoming a sponsor. More Details


  • More details and descriptions of the entry categories can be found below.
  • Makers can fill out more than one proposal and more than one category if desired.
  • Please select a quality photo of your project or yourself to include with your application.

Questions? Email

Entry Information

Detailed information about entry categories and booth specifications can be found below. To apply, click on the link to the application. After submitting your application form you will receive a confirmation email confirming your application completion. If you do not receive this, please email

More Information on Entry Categories

Maker Exhibit Form

Individuals, groups, schools and organizations that would like to demonstrate what they make and/or how it works in an all-weekend exhibit space and/or workshop. Interactive exhibits are encouraged. For maker groups and organizations, please have one point person to coordinate your efforts. Please note that this year Seattle Mini Maker Faire will be taking over the Seattle Center Next 50 Plaza and the majority of booths will be outdoors.

Non-commercial Maker

There is no fee for individual makers that are not focused on sales at the event. Booths include a 10’ x 10’ outdoor space or a 8’ x 8’ space with one six-foot table, two chairs, internet, and electrical if specified in your application as required. If a larger space is desired, please specify in your project description and we will take this into consideration while reviewing applications.

Booth Fee: FREE

Non-Profit and Cause or Mission-Based Associations, Institutions, and Organizations

In an effort to respond to requests from a variety of organizations that would like to participate in Seattle Mini Maker Faire, we have created a special category where organizations can qualify for special reduced rates. This fee does not apply to makerspaces, hackerspaces, or youth maker groups which receive free exhibit space at Seattle Mini Maker Faire. Booths include a 10’ x 10’ outdoor space or a 8’ x 8’ space with one six-foot table, two chairs, internet, and electrical if specified in your application as required.

Note: If your organization cannot afford the booth fee, please continue to fill out the application, indicate what type of organization you are, and provide details in the space indicated. We will take this into consideration while reviewing your applications. We have limited scholarships and grants available to support organizations that inspire people of all ages to make things.
Booth Fee: $80 (due one month prior to the event)

Commercial Maker

(Focused on product sales or marketing at the event.)
Commercial maker booths include individuals and businesses who would like to sell or market products along with a demonstration of what they make. Submit a Maker Exhibit application and indicate that you are a Commercial Maker, including whether you are a small business (less than 25 employees) or an established business (more than 25 employees). Standard booths include a 10’ x 10’ outdoor space or a 8’ x 8’ indoor space with one six-foot table, two chairs, internet, and electrical if specified in your application as required. Large booths include a 10’ x 20’ outdoor space or a 8’ x 16’ indoor space with two six-foot tables, four chairs, internet, and electrical if specified in your application as required.
Small Business Booth Fee: $200 (standard booth)/$375 (large booth)
Established Business Booth Fee: $500 (standard booth)/$750 (large booth)

(Booth fees are due one month prior to the event)

Whether you are a start-up company or established commercial entity, Seattle Mini Maker Faire offers additional sponsorship opportunities to increase your exposure and presence—please see Sponsors or email
Additional Information on Maker Exhibit Booth Specifications
Maker Faire encourages a fun and interactive explosion of demonstrations, exhibits, workshops, presentations, and performances. Your assigned area will be provided with standard tables, chairs, and electrical as specified. Makers get to add the final splash of creativity to make their space unique and awesome!

  • Standard Booth Specifications:  A 10’ x 10’ outdoor space or a 8’ x 8’ indoor space including one six-foot table, two chairs, and one 3-prong electrical outlet per small booth.
  • Large Booth Specifications: For commercial businesses and maker groups that specify they are curating a space that needs a larger footprint, there are limited 8’ x 16’ spaces available including two six-foot tables, four chairs, and two 3-prong outlets per large booth. The space sizing notes are the event standard sizing with at least a 10’ ceiling indoors. We will make an effort to accommodate larger, more spectacular projects wherever possible.
  • Outdoor Booths on EMP’s Plaza and Seattle Center’s Next 50 Plaza: Please note that this year a majority of Seattle Mini Maker Faire will be located outdoors on the Next 50 Plaza. Please indicate if your exhibit requires indoor placement in your application. Please note that this space is rain or shine and you must bring your own shelter. Security will be onsite overnight outdoors.
  • Electrical: Please specify in your application what level of electrical requirements are needed. If no electrical is required for your project, please specify in your application. Please plan to bring anything else that you will require, such as extension cords/power strips and any hardware or supplies that will help you display your project. We assume that you will supply any equipment or supplies needed to make your project functional.
  • Internet: Internet will be provided throughout the venue for all makers. Note: some outdoor locations have poor reception.
  • Staffing Your Booth: Makers are permitted up to four individuals to staff their booth for the weekend. Please be sure that all your volunteers are clear on your booth name so that when they check in there is no confusion.
  • T-Shirts: Each booth will receive up to two free Seattle Mini Maker Faire t-shirts. Additional t-shirts will be available for purchase.


Presenters are individuals that would like to talk about an idea or project of interest to the maker community, or demonstrate what they made and how it works. Performers can include musicians or entertainers who would like to perform at Seattle Mini Maker Faire. Some performances have been roaming and unscheduled, which is welcomed. Please fill out the application and indicate your set, demo, or presentation time (10, 20, or 30 minutes in length), or indicate that you’d like to be a roaming presenter. For presenters, an EMP laptop will be provided if needed. Please bring a flash drive to upload your PowerPoint presentation. If another format is required, please specify in your application and we will do our best to accommodate.


Companies and commercial entities are welcomed as sponsors at Maker Faire and will be offered unparalleled exposure before, during, and after the Seattle Mini Maker Faire as well as getting an opportunity to support the maker community. Please email for more information on becoming a sponsor.

Other Ways to Participate in Seattle Mini Maker Faire


Seattle Mini Maker Faire wouldn’t be possible without an amazing group of volunteers in support of the maker community! If you are interested in making a contribution to the Seattle Mini Maker Faire we are looking for street team help getting the word out before the event, and also help during the event onsite to make all aspects of the event go smoothly from load-in to load-out. More details on volunteering coming soon. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, feel free to email

What Happens Next

Immediately following your submission, you will receive email confirmation that we have received your application. If you don’t receive this email, let us know by contacting us at Acceptances with further details will be sent via email by February 1. We will send regular updates and your Maker Agreement in advance of the Faire to give you ample time to plan for the event.

We look forward to seeing you at Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

Note: Applications are due at 11:59 PM on July 1, 2015.

Exhibitors at Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2014:

All Metal ArtsArtsThaddeus: Portable Camera ObscuraAutonomous toy train using ArduinoBattletrack: Play-Well TEKnologiesBEAM + Bricks!Bird Box, Custom Motorized Longboard, DigiPen Institute of TechnologyDIY & Make Craft Stick ToysDIY BioDomesDIY SupercarEnergiaFabLabFlying Heritage CollectionForest FieldGoogleGrow PlasticsHack Your ClothesHiveBio Community LabIll Gotten GamesKing County Library SystemLiving Computer MuseumLobo CNCLogos Electromechanical, Mach1monkey, Make MagazineMakelangelo 3 Mural Drawing RobotMicrosoft GarageMotion Sickness Cinematic RobotsOlyMEGA: Olympia Makers, Engineers, Geeks and ArtistsOlympia CircuitsOpenBeam & The Metrix Open Hardware AllianceOpenROVOriginal Pin: Cameras with CharacterPages and Pop-upsSchlem’s 3D Printed Pinhole PhotographyScroll Wood ShopSeattle CoderDojoSeattle ReCreativeSeattle Tool Libraries & Fixers CollectivesSeattleLumin.comSlime Mold: At Home, Around the World, Soldering Station with Jigsaw Renaissance and IEEE, STEM – Near Space SatellitesStrike ModelsSuspension of DisbeliefTabletop MoviemakingThey Shall WalkTinkerineTogetherBearwTrak Modular Wooden Railwayxbot robotic workspace

6 responses to “Makers

  1. There was a guy outside at the Seattle Mini Maker Fair 2014, he had a tent-like structure that had hexagon or pentagon sides, made of wood, connected with some ingenious routed PVC section at the joints. I think he also had rocket stoves. Took his business card, but tragically lost it. Does anyone have his name, company name, website? I really loved his fun tent design!

  2. So I see that you are looking for Makers for next year (2015) but there is no place to apply
    I have attached a link to the SEattle Interactive program that shows the request. I have also seen a tweet.

  3. I see you are looking for makers to apply for next year (2015).
    This is the program for Seattle Interactive that asks folks to apply. I also saw a tweet about this. But there is no place to do this.

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