Meet your makers at Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2015!

Full list of exhibitors coming soon.

6 responses to “Makers

  1. There was a guy outside at the Seattle Mini Maker Fair 2014, he had a tent-like structure that had hexagon or pentagon sides, made of wood, connected with some ingenious routed PVC section at the joints. I think he also had rocket stoves. Took his business card, but tragically lost it. Does anyone have his name, company name, website? I really loved his fun tent design!

  2. So I see that you are looking for Makers for next year (2015) but there is no place to apply
    I have attached a link to the SEattle Interactive program that shows the request. I have also seen a tweet.

  3. I see you are looking for makers to apply for next year (2015).
    This is the program for Seattle Interactive that asks folks to apply. I also saw a tweet about this. But there is no place to do this.

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